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The Surprising Benefits of Scarf Play on a Child’s Development

Swish. Twist. Float. Twirl. Bounce. Wave. Scrunch. Toss. Peekaboo…

There are a thousand and one ways to promote development with scarf play. That’s precisely why scarves are such a valuable prop in a music class. But surprisingly, what looks like just fun and games is actually enhancing your child’s development, especially when you combine scarf play with a song, a rhyme, or a recording.

6 Benefits of Scarf Play

  1. Sparking imagination as we explore all kinds of ways to play with our scarves

  2. Teaching directional tracking as we visually track our scarves’ movement

  3. Improving eye-hand coordination as we play catch or peekaboo

  4. Increasing vocabulary as we verbally describe what we are doing with our scarves

  5. Sharpening listening skills as we move our scarves based on musical or verbal cues

  6. Practicing inhibitory skills as we start and stop our movements with the scarves

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