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CN 29 & CN 39

Experience Music Together

Introducing a musical instrument into the home can have an

incredibly positive influence on everyone in the family. From

children performing better in school, to parents unwinding after a

busy day at work, research indicates that playing music is not only

an enjoyable activity, but also extremely beneficial to our health.

The piano is a popular choice for parents wishing to encourage

their children to learn a musical instrument, especially if they have

had a similar experience earlier in life. A starter keyboard can be

a useful trial instrument, however most enthusiastic children will

quickly outgrow the small, unweighted keys and limited sound,

and soon require a more realistic piano in order to progress further.

Purchasing a second-hand acoustic piano is often considered the

next step, however owning and maintaining such an instrument

can be costly, and sometimes a little impractical when another

member of the family wishes to watch TV in the room next door.

Kawai’s latest CN Series digital pianos overcome these challenges,

providing a realistic full-sized keyboard, beautiful grand piano

sounds, and headphone jacks that allow silent practise at any

time of the day. These affordable instruments also offer a variety

of inspiring features suitable for everyone in the family, and

have attractive cabinet designs that will complement any room.

The new CN series from Kawai – experience music together.

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For a limited time only, get

RM 500 off your tuition fees when you purchase the CN29 or CN39 Model from us!

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