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Music, Friends, and Harmony: The Magic of Group Classes

While we do individual classes for instrument classes, we are also do sometimes group our students together for some fun ensembles, theory games & musicianship!

Here's 3 reasons why we advocate Group Classes once a term:

1️⃣ Social Connection: By learning together with peers, students develop friendships and create a supportive community in their musical learning.🤝🎵

2️⃣ Collaboration & Musical Skills: Group classes cultivate teamwork, communication & cooperation through ensemble playing and group activities. Through this, students also learn to listen to each other as they play, developing their aural skills! 🎹🎻🎶

3️⃣ Musical Inspiration: Interacting with fellow students inspires creativity, encourages exploration of different musical styles, and broadens horizons. Through playing together, they learn from each other & takes inspiration from each other🎵✨

Stay tuned & watch this page as we share more articles and journey of our dear students

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