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Early Childhood Music

Babies need nurture. Toddlers need engagement. Preschoolers need adventures. 

With our award-winning, research-proven music programmes from Malaysia, USA & Korea, your child is set to go on an adventure exploring the world of music.





Play, Move & Grow

Age 16 months - 36 months

Kindermusik (since 1978) is the world’s leading music-based education provider from birth. Using the power of music & movement, we help babies, toddlers and children grow in the years most critical to brain development.

Kindermusik gives your child that unique head start you've been looking for - musically, cognitively & academically. The activities are designed to enhance language skills, physical & cognitive abilities, creative and social-emotional development, while boosting school readiness.

Integrated Music, Movement & Art : Foundation in Music with the Dalcroze & Kodaly approach

Age 3 - 8

Explore Music & Art through different themes as we make musical moments, develop our thinking & listening skills and make creative arts!

Be introduced to classical paintings & painters, listen to classical music and stories of classical composers. Be encouraged to create inspired artworks of famous artists. 

Develops early music literacy, establishing rhythm & steady beat, introducing musical concepts & more.

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